Thursday, August 27, 2015

Candy Embroidery

I started this candy embroidery project a while ago - you can read about it {here}.  

Now that I have finished it, I want to share some of the stitching details and my color choices.  

This sweet motif is from my Candy & Sweets Embroidery Pattern and I have to say this was so much fun to stitch!  

For the big pink swirl in the background, I used parallel rows of Split Stitch.  The lollipops are outlined in Stem Stitch and filled with Straight Stitches.  The The lollipop sticks are parallel rows of Stem Stitch - this technique is a nice way to fill in spaces.  For the red candy, I used all Stem Stitch.

The cupcake paper is outlined in Stem Stitch and the accent lines are also Stem Stitch.  The top border of the cupcake border is Double Knot Stitch.  The cupcake is done in rows of Straight Stitch.  The cupcake frosting is a combination of Stem Stitch and French Knots.  All the red accent dots are also French Knots.

On the lavender candy, I used Stem Stitch for the outlines and a Straight Stitch for the stripes.  The big lollipop has a Stem Stitch outline, Straight Stitch interior lines and rows of Stem Stitch for the stick.

I really like the colors I used on this project, all reminiscent of candy and sweets.  Here are the floss numbers in my palette:

Next up are some new projects - maybe these dipped apples...


Summer said...

Beautiful stitching, you're so talented!

Annette-California said...

"Candy" got my attention! LOL! Oh how absolutely beautiful! I love love love your finish. The colors are fantastic! Lovely design.
love Annette

Kim said...

:) Thank you Summer!!
Annette - Thank you - LOL I love candy too :)

Darlene said...

What a "sweet" project! (pun I love all the different textures that the different stitches create. They add so much to the embroidery. The colors you chose are great, too.

I am looking forward to seeing the next project. I am curious to see the colors you choose for that one. Thanks for showing all of us your fabulous creativity.

Kim said...

Thank you Darlene! I am really looking forward to starting that one too!

Paige said...

Beautiful work! You can never go wrong with candy. Thanks for sharing.

Kim said...

:) Thank you Paige!