Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Ladybug Embroidery Project Part Two

I finished my ladybug embroidery project.  I first blogged about this {here}.

I had wanted to challenge myself to use as many different stitches as possible.  By my count, I ended up using eight different stitches.

The ladybug's antennae and body outline are Stem Stitch, her wings are outlined in Double Knot Stitch and filled with lines of Running Stitch. The spots on her wings are Satin Stitch and French Knots.  For her body, I used Trellis Couching Stitch:

For the flowers, I outlined the petals in Blanket Stitch, and put in a Lazy Daisy Stitch.  For the flower centers I used three French Knots.  I also used French Knots for the blue accent dots spaced randomly round the motif:

I am really pleased with the variety of stitches I included on this project!

I think this project would look really sweet framed in this hoop - maybe embellished with some matching trim?  This is a 6" hoop and is the perfect size for this motif.

Here are the floss colors and numbers I used for this project:


Darlene said...

Oh, Kim, it is absolutely Adorable

I love the texture that all the different stitches create. This is by far your best yet! Every time I think you have topped yourself...you do it again. Oh, you might notice I love this project. lol

Kim said...

:) Hi Darlene!
Thank you for your sweet comment! I am loving the texture too - I think that is my favorite part.

Silvia LGD (Little Green Doll) said...

So cute! Love it!

Kim said...

Thank you!