Monday, September 21, 2015

Quilt Labels

Isn't this a beautiful quilt label?  I printed it on cotton fabric and then hand embroidered the border and the flowers.  

To print my label, I used printable fabric sheets. There are so many brands that sell printable fabric in 8-1/2 x 11" sized sheets.   You can buy these from most fabric stores, craft stores or 

The sheets feed easily through your printer. After printing, you remove the paper backing:

and you have a nice soft, flexible piece of cotton fabric with your text or graphics printed on it!  

After you remove the backing, you set the ink by using a dry iron on a high heat setting.  

I would check the fabric manufacturers instructions for insuring color-fastness and fade-resistance, there are a lot of differences in the various brands.  

After that, the label is easy to cut out and use:

I love designing these labels.  I designed a set to put in my Etsy shop.  There are 23 different labels that are all fully editable.  

You can open them in the free program Adobe Reader, type in your personalized information and print!  If you want to change the font, the font color or style, you can do that too: 

You could also print the label without text and add your own information in your own handwriting, using a permanent fabric pen:

There are 12 full color decorative labels.  I also included 8 black and white labels with embroidery motifs.  These are intended to be embroidered, but you could also use them as is.

There are two blank labels, and two care instructions labels, one that is not editable but includes all the laundry symbols: 


This is what the Quilt Labels set looks like:

I know how much I am enjoying using these, I wish I could finish a quilt as quickly and easily as these labels!


Darlene said...

What beautiful labels!

Kim said...

:) Thank you Darlene!