Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Autumn Projects - Part Four

I have another finish to share.  Remember this owl from my autumn projects list?  He is all finished!

I took a few close ups to show all the stitches I used.  I finished all the leaves using the blanket stitch.  The vine is stem stitch and the berries are French knots.  His feet were done with satin stitch:

 For his wings, I used my {current} favorite stitch, the double knot stitch.  Speaking of knots, notice the difference in the size of the berries and the size of the little accent knots along his forehead?  For the berries, I used all six strands of cotton floss, the accent knots are three strands.  

 I did his neck detail with stem stitch:

And the feathers on his body are the fly stitch.  I used straight stitch to fill in his wings:

I love the color palette I used for this project, especially the coral color of the berries.  Here are the floss colors I used:

Next up for owl stitching: both of these, not sure yet which one is first!


Ana Lopes said...

Hi Kim! This is lovely! Particulary I love the leaves, they are so beautiful!
Have a great rest of week!
Hugs and love from Portugal,
Ana Love Craft

Kim said...

:) Thank you so much Ana! I love the leaves - I am really pleased with the blanket stitch. It is another perfect leaf stitch! Have a great week.

Angela Lee said...

This is quite possibly my favorite of all time Kim! I love the colors, the owl, everything about this one. Great job! How will you display this cute little guy??

Kim said...

Angela - Thank you!!! I am so happy you like the color combo - I don't quite know how I am going to display him - I have several more owls I am going to finish and then maybe a project with all of them?

Anonymous said...

Lovely made! i use to do embrodery as you called it in inglish?

But i rather crochet.
very nice work...

thanks for sharing..

Darlene said...

Wow! This is adorable! I wasn't sure how it would look finished...but the colors and the stitches you chose are amazing! I think the leaves really "pop", too. Another great job well done!

Kim said...

Soraya - Yes it is called embroidery! I love crochet too - yours is beautiful! Thank you!
Darlene - Thank you! :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work. I love the palate you have chosen.:)

Silvia LGD (Little Green Doll) said...

Love it! So beautiful! :))

Kim said...

Mallika - Thank you!
Silvia - Thanks :)