Thursday, January 29, 2015

Organizing - Quilting Journal

I absolutely love using my Sewing Journal and it is keeping me so organized! I got to thinking that I wanted to keep a separate set of records for my quilting projects. 
So, I made a nice set of pages that I can use to record everything quilt and quilting related!  It is a Quilting Journal.

There are pages for just about everything. I thought that it would need to cover three categories:

1. Documenting a finished quilt
2. Planning a quilting project
3. Recording inventory/resources/supplies

That is a lot of information.  It turned out to be 30 pages! 

I added an editable feature, I can type any title I want on this page - completely customizable.  Same with the binder tabs.  The nice thing is being able to make as many different section dividers as I want:

I really like the layout and I am having a great time filling mine in. 

Now I need to finish this quilt top so I can document it.  There is still much embroidering left to do! {that is the open cretan stitch I am doing on the borders} 

I listed an instant download version of the Quilting Journal in my Etsy shop:


Annette-California said...

Hey sweet Kim! Your quilting journal pages look fantastic. Are you on Instagram? Lots of quilters there and I think they would love your pages. Just a thought! love Annette

Kim said...

:) Thank you Annette! Yes I am on Instagram - I love it!!

Silvia LGD (Little Green Doll) said...

It's great to be organized! Have a nice weekend!

Kim said...

:) Silvia - I think so too! Have a nice weekend!

Anonymous said...

welcome to my private blog...send your email , so i can send you the request...blessings

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim, Mallika here. I would love to order for this quilting journal; but, I stay in India. So how do I get this?

Kim said...

Soraya - Great! My email is
Hi Malika - I have this in my Etsy shop here: It is a digital download so it is available anywhere in the world. You need to have Adobe Reader to use it, you can download Reader for free here: