Tuesday, January 14, 2014

100 Stitches - Three Sided Stitch

 This beautiful stitch is the Three Sided Stitch - the latest stitch I have learned from 100 Stitches.

I found this to be a very easy stitch to learn.  It is from the Drawn Fabric Embroidery category - meaning that the floss is going to be passing through the same holes in the fabric several times which leaves a nice open effect where each of the stitches meets. 

To demonstrate this stitch, I am using perle cotton floss, this is DMC color number 742.

This stitch is worked from right to left, so the first step is to come up through the fabric on the right hand side of the stitching area.

Pull all the way through and now count four threads to the right and go back into the fabric.

Go back into the fabric and pull all the way through - this makes one straight stitch.  Now come back up through the fabric in the same hole that the needle first emerged, pull through and

make a second straight stitch going back into the fabric in the same hole to the right:

Next, come back up through the fabric through the original starting hole and count up four threads above the straight stitches and count to threads to the right.  Go into the fabric:

Pull through to make a straight stitch slanting to the right - make two stitches this way using the same holes:

Count four threads to the left and come up through the fabric:

Go back into the fabric in the same top hole from the previous slanting stitch - make two straight stitches using the same holes:

Now count down four threads and two threads to the right and go back into the fabric.  You should be going back into the same hole that the needle very first emerged from. 

Take two straight stitches.  Now count to the left four threads and come back up through the fabric.  Start the whole process over again.

Just continue until you have a nice line of stitching:

Here is a peek at the underside of the stitching:

I think this is a beautiful stitch. In 100 Stitches, the diagram depicts this stitch being done around a corner, I might have to try that next!

This stitch is #96 on the 100 Stitches list.


Sparklyjools said...

A beautifully effective border stitch!

Kim said...

Thank you Jules!