Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Organizing - Paper Craft Journal

I love to be organized and I really enjoy organizing my crafting supplies and inventory.  Usually this involves my embroidery, sewing and more recently, knitting supplies.  But I also love working with paper, scrapbooks and making cards.   Since I have made organizing binders for these other interests, I decided to make one for paper crafts too.  
I included a lot of pages.  I have pages for all my scrapbooking paper, I can keep track of the name of the paper, the brand, where I bought it and other pertinent details:

I made project pages so that I can keep track of the different projects I make and what I used to make them.  I like to make cards and envelopes:

I also like a nice "to do" page to help plan what I need to do to complete different projects:

And I like to keep an accurate inventory of all my supplies, ribbon

and craft scissors:

This has worked out really well for me, so I am selling the pages with binder covers in my shop.  There are 44 pages and I think I have covered about everything a paper crafter would need!

I also added a section for people who sell what they make.  These pages can help keep an accurate record of each design, how the design is created, the materials needed as well as recording the pricing and cost breakdown for the product.

The organizer has three different color options, charcoal {my favorite}, powder blue and pale pink.  Here is a look at the listing picture: 


Silvia LGD (Little Green Doll) said...

It's great to see everything so well organized :))

Kim said...

:) Thank you Silvia!

Anisoara said...

Really beautiful work.

Kim said...

Thank you Anisoara :)

dandelion said...

Lovely idea, i love to be organised too. I'm not a paper crafter but your cards and envelopes are just so lovely!

Kim said...

Thank you Kate :) I just love all the paper available for making cards, so many pretty patterns!