Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Projects And Gifts

You may remember my post about starting my Christmas projects.  I used all that beautiful fabric to make camera strap covers!  I made one for each of my sisters.

The straps have a patterned side and a plain side so they are reversible.  These were so easy and fun to make.  Notice the extra puffy look to these?

I used this fusible fleece. 

I cut a single piece of the fusible fleece just a little narrower and shorter than my fabric pieces

Then I ironed it to the patterned fabric before sewing the two pieces together. 

So simple!  It really gives the strap cover a nice heft and makes it soft and comfortable around your neck.   
In all our Christmas celebrating, I didn't take pictures of the covers on their cameras, but I did take a picture of my prototype strap cover...I made this out of some scrap fabric :) not really my style but who can resist puppies and I have been enjoying wearing it on my camera!

I also wanted to say how happy I am to have received this for Christmas!  An Omnigrid Quilter's Square!  I can't wait to start using it.


Annette-California said...

Your camera straps look beautiful. What a great gift to make and give. Love the fabrics you used.
love Annette

Kim said...

Thank you Annette! They were really pleased with them and loved their fabrics :)

Angela Lee said...

Those are fantastic and I'm sure they were a hit! Great job on a fabulous gift.

Kim said...

Thank you Angela! Happily, they were a hit!

Lilasesazuis said...

kim, seus projetos são sempre muito lindos!!

Feliz 2014, com muita saúde!!

bjim Lígia e =^.^=

Kim said...

Obrigado Ligia!
Um Ano Novo muito feliz para você também :)