Saturday, January 5, 2013

A new wip

My first stitching project for 2013 is this fancy cake from the La Patisserie pattern.  For the floss colors, I am going to use pink and red. 

I have done the cake stand in red, using the back stitch and the double knot stitch for the top rim of the cake stand. 

For the cake, I am doing the back stitch using three strands of pink cotton floss.  For the frosting decorative border I am using three strands of satin floss.  It is really beautiful!  I am using the couching stitch with this, to hold the strands in place and give the border a draped look.  In between each draped element, there is a round shape and I am using the satin stitch to fill those:

I was having a hard time doing the satin stitch with this satin thread :) the thread kept slipping out of the needle and it was becoming very frustrating.  I remembered that I had some smaller needles that have a smaller eye so I switched to this size 28 chenille needle.  It made all the difference!  I had been stitching with my size 24 chenille needle - you can see the difference between the two - the top is the 24 and the bottom is the 28:

The 28 really holds the satin floss better.  Since the 28 is shorter I find it easier to work the satin stitch.  Here you can see the two needles threaded, I am using only one strand of the satin floss to do the satin stitch.

I will be sure post my pictures as I make more progress on this one!


Anonymous said...

I love your color choices! You know I am partial to Pink!

Kim said...

Thanks Miss Paula - me too!

Bobbypin Bandit said...

I love the drape you created with the couching stitch, Kim! Is this going to be a little Valentine's Day treat for someone?

Red and pink are my most favorite colors! Can't wait to see it all finished!

Kim said...

Thank you Kristen! I love using the couching stitch it is so quick to do and I like the dramatic effect. No this is just a quick project :) I love red and pink together too - I am not sure what I will do with the two hearts on top of the cake - maybe both red?

JennyPennyPoppy said...

Your cake is looking very nice indeed, especially the couched frosting. I tend to use the same couple of needles for everything and never look at the size. I really think I should now! Your frosted leaves photo is beautiful.

Talking Trash & Wasting Time said...

you are so clever, your work is perfectly done :)

Jules said...

Lovely! I am a big fan of smaller needles, and I normally use an Embroidery UK size 8 for general use, as I find I have more control.

viji said...

Pretty colours. I just looove it.

Kim said...

Jeanette - Lol - I know what you mean! Thank you - it has warmed up here and is rainy now - now more frost - not as good for pictures!
Brooke - Thank you! :)
Hi Jules - Yes I am loving using this smaller needle - my satin stitch looks much better too!
viji - Hello! Thank you :)

Cheryl said...

Oh my cuteness! Are those cupcake coasters in the background?

Kim said...

Thanks Cheryl! No - that is a needle book my mom made for me - If you want to see what it looks like, I did a blog post about it here:
It is so cute!