Thursday, January 10, 2013

More La Patisserie cakes!

The stitching on my wip is done!  I finished this cake from the La Patisserie pattern.

Now I think I will start on another cake.  There are five different cakes that are sized the same in this pattern packet and I want to stitch the whole series. 

You may remember when I finished this one.  I love the way it turned out, but I may want to stitch it again without any text...

So which cake is up next?

I think this one with the frosting rose on top - or maybe it is a chocolate rose?  I am going to enjoy doing the lazy daisy stitch around the cake!  I have transferred it onto fabric and now my next decision will be colors

Should I stay with the pink and red..or just pink or perhaps another color combination???

For this particular cake, here are the colors I used:


Lilasesazuis said...

Hello, Kim,

Thank you for coming to see my blog.

I loved her beautiful embroidery and always be watching your news!

Oh, your dog Berit is lindooo e Rego!!

Have a great night



Kim said...

Thank you Ligia! You have a beautiful blog. Berit and Rego are really sweet thank you!

Ana Lopes said...

ALL adorable, Kim!
Have a fabulous weekend!

Hugs from Portugal,

Ana Love Craft

Cheryl said...

Ohhhhh...very pretty.

E.Senna said...

"Saborosos" seus bolos!
Bom fim de semana!

Bobbypin Bandit said...

Kim! Your cake is darling! Your stitching looks so elegant. I love it!

I love the pink and red, so I vote you stay with this color palette. What if you make the next cake red and the stand pink? JUst a thought!

Kim said...

Ana - Thank you! I hope you are having a great weekend :)
Cheryl - Thanks!
E.Senna Obrigado! Estes bolos parecem deliciosos :) Tenha uma semana maravilhosa!
Kristen - :) Thank you! I am really leaning towards this color palette too I love the idea of the red cake/pink cake stand!

Pepe Patchwork said...

So happy you visited my blog... I do love yours! :)

janice15 said...

Thank you lol just in time for my's a lovely I want to draw one and embroider do such wonderful things...thank you for sharing them...Happy Tuesday with love Janice

Kim said...

Pepe Patchwork - Grazie! I love yours too!
Hi Janice - Happy Tuesday and I hope you have a very happy birthday! Thank you :)