Friday, January 6, 2012

snowman and snowflakes

Here is a snowman I've just finished stitching. I really like the look of this, especially with the snowflakes:

Do you like the color combination on his striped scarf? I do! This is not a color combination I would have thought to put together just looking through my embroidery floss collection. I had started with black floss for his top hat and I love the color combination of black and acid green so I put those together.  Then I wanted some colors that went with the green. The acid green floss nicely matches the "yellow-green" color group on my color wheel.  The complementary color group for the yellow greens is the "red-violet" group:

I had several beautiful floss colors that matched the colors in the red-violet group so I made this combination.  I especially like the way it looks on the scarf fringe. 

Here are the colors I used, with their floss numbers:


Angela Lee said...

Too cute!! I wouldn't have chosen those colors either, but they are fabulous! I love it.

Denise :) said...

Kim -- this is darling! Is this from the color palette challenge? The colors are so similar! :)

Digna said...

Hi Kim,
Hope yo had a good New Year.
I like very much your snowman. It's fantastic. And the scarf is fabulous.


Katie said...

Super cute, and I love the colour combination. I love my colour wheel, it always makes me a bit more creative than I would be without it :-)

big B said...

Angela - Thank you!
Denise - Thanks! No this is not from a color palette challenge, but using these colors would make a good design challenge!
Digna - Happy New Year to you! Thank you :)
Hi Katie - Thank you! I know just what you mean - i love finding new color combinations with it.

Di~ said...

Kim! I've just discovered your embroideries and love them! Do you happen to have any that are in the free printables format? I'd love to try one. Thank you!

Papgena Made It said...

I never saw a color wheel!
I didn't know that there was such a thing! How do you discover yours???

big B said...

Hi Di - Thank you!
Hi Papgena - I love this color wheel! It is so nice to look at for new color combination ideas! I bought mine at a bookstore - in the art department. The company that made this one is colorwheelco