Saturday, July 17, 2010

Color - little flower project

The floss pictured here is DMC# 340. Do you like this tint of blue:
with this tint of yellow - DMC #727:
with this tint of red DMC #603?
According to my new color wheel - a "tint" is a pure color (in this case blue, yellow, and red) with white added to it. These three tints are three colors apart from each other on the color wheel. This means they are a triad and make a beautiful color combination. I used them on this little flower stitching. You may also notice, I am showing off my open chain stitch for the picture border!


Annie said...

Kim I'm learning so much from you!...Nice work on the chain stitch!...I just remembered that I think I have a color wheel in my scrapbooking "stuff" that is still in the package, unused!...Yikes!...I'm going to dig it out and start using it in my sewing!...Annie

Libby said...

Love the color combination! I remember when I was very young, I was coloring a picture of Minnie Mouse in her house. I colored her curtains yellow and purple. I remember how pretty they looked together! That is what this little flower reminds me of!! Very Sweet!

Anonymous said...

Very cute ! I've being caressing the idea of stitching one of the cupcakes on your Cupcake Pattern Set for awhile and the colors I want to use I guess fall in the category of tints :-).