Monday, March 15, 2010

beautiful floss

These two beautiful floss colors are just perfect for spring! The minty green is dmc 955 and the pink is dmc 3608.I am stitching up this little flower and you might notice I am using a variety of stitches. So far, I have used the stem stitch for the outside border, the back stitch for the stem and the chain stitch for the flower petals - I am not sure if this looks too heavy...may have to take that out depending on what it looks like when all the petals are done - and finally the very impressive ;) threaded back stitch for the inner border!

I love the way the threaded back stitch looks using the same color for both the back stitch and the threading floss. According to 100 stitches, the threading back and forth through the back stitch can be done like the way shown above, or with two separate threading floss threads like this.

These beautiful pink and green colors are reminding me of some beautiful pictures I've taken. First of this gorgeous embroidered trim tape I just bought at JoAnns:
I don't know what I am going to use it for, but I just love it! Second, of this incredibly beautiful camellia bloom: this camellia is such a reliable bloomer every winter. I planted it in my yard right next to a white blooming camellia. The white camellia is tucked a little further under the trees and because of the shade it is a little later to bloom. It is full of huge buds so as soon as they bloom, I will definitely post some pictures!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful ribbon and rose!! The perfect colors!

Libby said...

what a gorgeous flower!!! both of them! and you know that I am going to run right out and buy that floss!