Friday, March 19, 2010

Shhh...Baby's Sleeping Embroidery Pattern Packet

This gorgeous organdy ribbon is for a new project I am working on. This ribbon is so light and ethereal and I love the color! Notice my gauzy, artsy picture - it hides the wrinkles in the ribbon on the top spool (i accidently caught the end of the ribbon with the vacuum cleaner hose when I was vacuuming my craft table. It sucked up quite a bit of ribbon before I was able to grab it!) I didn't really know which width I would need so I bought 7/8" and 1-1/2" . I will be using the ribbon to make a nursery doorknob hanger - to hang this little pillow:
It is going to say "Shhh...Baby's Sleeping" ! This is the title of my new embroidery pattern packet:

I just listed this in my etsy shop and I think it is a wonderful set of images for any baby boy's nursery! I am thinking that I may add some powder blue pom-poms to the bottom of the pillow as well. I will post some pictures as soon as I am finished.


Annie said...

Kim, that ribbon story had me laughing so hard!...What a visual that prompted!...Vacuums can be so quick and ruthless with our precious things... :/ ...Now I'm going right over to buy that very cute pattern!...Blessings...Annie

Libby said...

Yee Haw! I have a sister-in-law who is "finally" pregnant. It's been a hard road for them! If it's a boy, these would be darling!

Anonymous said...

Love love love the new patterns!!!

Kim said...

Thank you so much everyone! Annie - I wish you could have seen the ribbon spool twirling around and my panic! Libby - congratulations! You will be an auntie!
Thanks Anonymous :)

Maminti, a kicsi zöld tündér said...

Dear Kim,
I like your patterns so much, especially this cute lion! Would you be so nice to me to write me how can I receive a pattern. Should I simply ask you or you would like something in return? If you liked something from my blog, I would be happy to change. You can find me at or you can e-mail me through
With my best wishes: Maminti, the little green fairy from Fairy Corner

Kim said...

Hi Maminti! Thank you for your message - I am so glad you like the little lion! I sell this pattern in my etsy shop :
The pattern is called "'s sleeping".
Thank you for the link to your beautiful blog too!