Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Chenille needles and cupcake embroidery

Here is a picture of my new absolute favorite embroidery needles - these are dmc chenille needles. They are size 24. I love these needles for three reasons - first because of the nice sized eye - long and oval and very easy to thread. Second, because they are extemely sharp. Third, because they are short in length so they seem easier to manipulate. I bought these at Michaels.

I also have some cupcake embroidery wip pictures - this first one is so sweet ;) and I especially want to point out the leaves at the top of the cherry stems. I actually used the fish bone stitch! It is just the thing for leaves - I think they look so beautiful! I am really excited to be using stitches I have learned because of the 100 Stitches project!

This last picture is of a just finished stitching. In this picture you can also see my new plastic embroidery hoop! I love the color and I am really liking the way it firmly holds fabric. I still love my wood hoops but they don't seem to keep the fabric as taut as this new plastic hoop.


Annie said...

Hi Kim...Love your cupcakes!...Your info on the needles helped and I will be trying those out...The fishbone stitch is great for the leaves!...I really like your choice of colors too...What type of fabric did you use?...Blessings...Annie

Libby said...

Those are adorable!! Love those cupcakes! Thanks for your needle info. I was looking at the close up of your needle in one of your pics and wondered what type you used, it looks so sharp! I will be shopping at Michaels this morning!

Kim said...

Thank you ladies! I am so happy that you found the needle information helpful. I had never tried chenille needles before - I had been using tapestry needles which have a round tip rather than the sharp pointed tip (with big emphasis on the sharp!)of the chenille needle.
Annie - I used a fabric that I bought at JoAnn fabrics - it was in the quilting section, it is quilting weight 100% cotton.

Anonymous said...

Your embroidered cupcakes are beautiful !!!
Need to start one soon :-) !
I do like to use chenille embroidery needles
occasionally, my favorite size is 26 (once in a while
size 28) I buy them online at Colonial Needle since
can't find those 2 sizes locally.
I too like the fabric that you used !

Kim said...

Thank you! And thank you for the needle information - I have never seen size 26 or 28 locally either! 24 seems to be the highest number Michaels and JoAnns carry - I will have to try Colonial Needle!