Saturday, May 13, 2023

Honey Bees and Flowers

 This is from my Honey Bee hand embroidery pattern.  

I really like the variety of stitches used and my color palette!

The large flowers are all Spiderweb Filling Stitch.

The stem and leaves are Stem Stitch.  The daisy flowers are Lazy Daisy Stitch:

The buds and the bee bodies are all French Knots.  The bee wings are Straight Stitch using blending filament.  This is Kreinik brand.

Here is the floss color information:


I almost ran out of the pink floss before I finished this project.  You can see the small amount I had left...I also didn't have the color number!  Good thing I had enough left to match to the sample in my Embroidery Floss Swatch book:


Darla Mae said...

What an absolutely gorgeous project, Kim! The little bees are amazing! The colors and variety of stitches are perfect. Great job! I love it~

Kim said...

:) Thank you so much Darlene!

Anonymous said...

This colour combination looks like a famous ice cream concoction in my country.

Kim said...

Hi Mallika :) Yum! I imagine it is delicious!