Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Embroidery Floss Swatch Book

I have been making myself embroidery floss swatch books.

These will be very helpful for matching floss to color numbers.  

I have a fairly large inventory of  DMC cotton embroidery floss that I store in color order. 

Typically when I have new floss

I wind it onto floss bobbins.  I slip the number tag under the wound floss.

Every so often, I lose a tag and then have no way of knowing the floss color number.  Being able to match my floss to a numbered swatch will solve that problem! 

For my swatch books, I am using two archival scrapbooks.  

For the number system, I was going to use a DMC printed list of their floss numbers but they are adding new ones all the time so to keep my books current,  I thought it best to use consecutive numbers from 1 to 5000.  I printed strips of numbers:

I glued the strips onto the scrapbook pages and added the floss next to the numbers.

This system is working so well!


Lyn Warner said...

How lovely to have your threads so well organized! They look delicious. It must have been a lot of work to get the system set up.
I use cardboard bobbins so that I can write the colour number on the bobbin. I do slip the tag in as well, but as you say they get lost sometimes. As a thread runs out I tie the last piece onto the tag and I keep this as a reference sample.

Kim said...

Thank you! it WAS a lot of work to set up but I am really pleased with the results. Your cardboard bobbin system is a wonderful solution. I have seen so many beautiful bobbins available too!