Thursday, July 1, 2021

Butterfly Embroidery

This beautiful butterfly is from my Butterfly Garden pattern set.  
I used a variety of stitches on this.  For the flowers, I used Straight Stitch around the flower frame and French Knots for the centers:

The leaves are stitched with the Fish Bone Stitch.  The stems are appropriately done with Stem Stitch!

The butterfly head and body are Satin Stitch and his antennae are Double Knot Stitch:

The wings are outlined {from top to bottom} with Double Knot Stitch, Blanket Stitch and Stem Stitch:

They are filled with Seeding Stitch and Satin Stitch:

I used six strand DMC cotton embroidery floss in various strand amounts.  Here are the color numbers in the project palette:


Darla Mae said...

Hi Kim!

I love this embroidery!! The colors and textures are perfect!! It's simply beautiful~


Kim said...

:) Hi Darlene! Thank you!