Monday, July 13, 2020

Folk Art Flowers Project - Part Two

I finished the embroidery on my flower project that I first blogged about here.  

For the flower, I used Long and Short Stitch as a fill.  The greenish yellow center is made up of French Knots and Straight Stitch.  
The green leaves are stitched with Fishbone Stitch.

For the bright green curved stems, I used Back Stitch.  The small green leaves are Lazy Daisy Stitch.  The accent dots are French Knots.  
For the purple berries, I used rows and rows of Back Stitch: 

For all the floss I used, here are the color numbers:

You may notice that all the shades of purple have the same number!  I used a color variations skein of perle cotton floss and cut lengths that included the colors I liked. 


Darla Mae said...

It's gorgeous, Kim! All I can say is look at all that glorious texture!! Heavenly!


Kim said...

Hi Darlene - Thank you so much! :)