Saturday, March 7, 2020

Arizona Embroidery Pattern Project -- Part Three

This Route 66 embroidery is from my Arizona embroidery pattern set.  You may remember from my previous post that I was working {and still am!} on the diamondback rattlesnake and paddle cactus also from this set

The stitches I used on this project are very simple.  The red rays are all done in rows of Back Stitch.  The stars are done with Straight Stitch.  The route sign is done all in Back Stitch:

For the road, I used Back Stitch and for the centerline, the Running Stitch

I used perle cotton floss for everything except the "Route" text and the center line.  I did the text in three strands of six strand cotton floss and the center line in all six stands of cotton floss. 

Here are the floss color numbers:

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