Friday, September 6, 2019

Thanksgiving Embroidery Give Thanks Project

If you remember from my last post, I had just finished the embroidery on this Thanksgiving motif.  

Now I want to share the stitches I used and color palette information for this project.  The circular border is done with Stem Stitch.  The text is done with Back Stitch  The green leaves are done with Fishbone Stitch.  The leaf and berry stems are done with Stem Stitch.  The maple and oak leaves are done with Long and Short Stitch.  The acorns are done with Back Stitch and the berries and brown accent dots are done with French Knots:

Here are the colors and DMC color numbers that I used: 

I also wanted to point out the beautiful ground fabric I used for this project.  Instead of my usual quilter's weight cotton I used 100% linen:

I found this linen to be a perfect weave and weight for embroidering.  The only drawback to this wonderful fabric is that I cannot see through it to transfer the image I want to stitch!

This wasn't really a problem, I just used some carbon/graphite transfer paper and a stylus to transfer the image to my fabric.  If you want to see this transferring process in depth, I posted about it here and here.

You can see how nicely the carbon paper transferred the image - very easy to see the lines!

My next project is this wheat sheaf motif:


Darla Mae said...

Hi Kim,

I have not been on here recently, so getting caught up. I think the choice of linen for this project really made a difference. I think it makes the embroidery really stand out. Plus it has a texture of it's own, and you know how much I enjoy texture! lol


Kim said...

Hi Darlene - Happy you are back!! Yes - I agree - linen really has a wonderful texture - it shows off the floss too!