Friday, September 27, 2019

Embroidered Pillow Tassels

Notice some 3D additions to this embroidery? Sequins and pillow tassels!  I am very pleased with the way these look - especially the tassels.  As you can see from the pattern, these tassels could be stitched using an outline stitch such as Back Stitch or Stem Stitch.  They could have been done with a filling stitch such as Satin Stitch. 

I made these tassels using 6 strands of cotton embroidery floss.  There are quite a few tutorials on YouTube on making tassels - most suggest using a safety pin to loop your embroidery floss.  When the tassel is the size you want, cut the safety pin free.  The floss is in a double layer of fringe, which forms the tassel:

Project Details - This fancy kitty is from my Le Chat embroidery pattern set.

The sequins are 5mm cup style.  

Here is the stitch information for this project. 

For the cat's outline, I used the Back Stitch.  I used one strand for his head and three for his body.  The ears, fur, mouth and eye and collar outlines are also Back Stitch.  The eyes, nose and collar jewels are Satin Stitch.  The whiskers and the pillow top outline are Stem Stitch.  The pillow bottom and accent lines are Back Stitch.  

My color palette floss numbers:


Darla Mae said...

Hi Kim

What a sweet embroidery. I love the colors you chose. The sequins and tassels make it a very special project. It's a beautiful cat!


Kim said...

Hey Darlene - Thank you so much! :)