Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Panda Bear Embroidery Project - Part Two

I finished all the embroidery on the panda bear project.  You may remember this from part one - which you can read about {here}. 

This was a really enjoyable project and I love the color palette.

The stitches used are Long and Short Stitch for the panda's face, and rows of Back Stitch form his ears and eyes.  The face is done with 4 strands of cotton floss and the ears and eyes in perle cotton floss. His nose is Straight Stitch and his mouth is Back Stitch.  These were done with perle cotton floss.  The bamboo is outlined with Stem Stitch and filled with Straight Stitch.  The bamboo is all stitched with perle cotton floss.  For the flowers and leaves, I used Straight Stitch in perle cotton.   All of the French Knots are formed using six strands of cotton floss.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Kim. Would look good on a book cover or in a photo frame on the table.

Kim said...

Hi Mallika! Thank you :) I think so too.