Friday, February 8, 2019

Daisy Embroidery Project

I have a new work in progress to share.  This is a heart shape that is filled with large and small daisies.

This is a motif from my Daisy embroidery pattern set. 

I am embroidering the large daisies with Straight Stitches and filling the centers with French Knots.  

I will do the Lazy Daisy stitch on the smaller daisies.
For the accent dots, I may use these iridescent sequins - unless they look too fancy for the simple daisies :)


Darla Mae said...

Oh, Kim...just look at that lovely texture, I want to run my hands over them! I can't wait to see it finished. And the color, just perfect!


Kim said...

Thanks so much Darlene! The texture is amazing - I love the French Knots :) Yep I will post a picture and color numbers as soon as I am finished.