Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Summer Kitchen Towel Part Two

I finished my summer kitchen towel.  If you read the first post about this project, you will see that I made a few changes.   Instead of using the Back Stitch for the sun's rays: 

I used the Pistil Stitch:

Then I added French Knots in a warmer golden yellow floss between each Pistil Stitch.

For the horizontal lines on either side of the sun, I used the Chain Stitch 

I also went with the solid yellow ribbed trim tape, instead of the yellow and black tape. 

I hand stitched the trim tape just above my hem top stitching.  I used yellow sewing thread to Whip Stitch the tape in place:

I have another motif from this set that I am currently embroidering.  When I finish, I will detail it in a future post.

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