Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Sly Fox Embroidery Part Three

I finished the embroidery on the back pillow panel. You can read about this project here: {Part 1} and here: {Part 2} .

I am really pleased with this back panel, both with the color palette and the variety of stitches I used. 
The green plant in the center has Fishbone Stitch leaves and a Stem Stitch stem.  The two burnt orange colored plants are done in Back Stitch and French Knots.  The two green plants on the outer edges have Stem Stitch stems, Lazy Daisy Stitch leaves with Straight Stitch centers:

Here are the front and back panels side by side so that you can see how well they go together:

I still need to iron both panels, select a nice trim for the pillow edges and make the pillow.  

For now, I am recording all of my colors and stitches to include in my Embroidery Journal: 


beena stephen said...

beautiful design and embroidery

Kim said...

:) Hi beena stephen - Thank you!

Rita said...

I'm learning embroidery now and your blog looks amazing for begginers! Keep going!

xx Rita | O blog da Ritinha

Kim said...

Hi Rita - Welcome! So happy that you found my blog. Isn't embroidery a fun hobby? Thanks for your blog link - your embroidery looks really beautiful.