Thursday, March 10, 2016

Wedding Embroidery Pattern

 I have a new embroidery pattern set in my shop!  It is called Wedding.

This is a 12 page set with so many beautiful motifs! Here is a look:

I am really looking forward to stitching all of the motifs, especially the wedding cakes :)
I first stitched this ring set - and yes that is metallic floss...I was very careful and it turned out beautifully!

My next project using these motifs is a bridal wreath surrounding the couple's initials and the date of the wedding. 
This set has a beautiful font with all the upper and lowercase letters and numbers. 
To set this up, I first selected and cut out the initials and the numbers: 

Also, an ampersand and a dash.  There are several sizes of the ampersand and also the word "and" which gives a lot of options for personalizing a project.  
Then I cut out the bridal wreath:

Then I positioned everything the way I wanted.  I taped everything together, I find this very helpful especially if you use a repositionable tape!

Next I laid my fabric over the taped together image and used my water soluble marking pen to trace onto my fabric:

The wedding colors are mint and pink.  I selected a really pretty palette of these colors and added some sparkly blending filaments.

I have started the stitching and I am really pleased so far.  I will keep updating with my progress on this project!


Darla Mae said...

Oh, this looks very interesting! I can't wait to see it done. I think the pattern set looks very pretty. You sure are talented!

Kim said...

:) Thank you! I will post my updates.

Future Sarah said...

Oh lovely! Kids would probably love to do this! :)

Kim said...

Hi Future Sarah - Thanks!