Friday, October 30, 2015

Autumn Napkins and A Tea Towel Calendar

One napkin done!  You may remember this project that I first posted about here.  
Since that post, I finished the embroidery - I used Fishbone Stitch for each of the leaves and Stem Stitch for the stems.  
To finish, I turned the raw edges of the napkins under and top stitched a 1/4" hem around the napkin edges.  

This was a really quick project to do and I plan to make a full set.  I think I will mix in some of these other motifs:

The autumn colors I used are:

I also wanted to share a quick look at the 2016 tea towel calendar I designed for the weekly Spoonflower contest.  
It was really fun to make!  

Here is a closer look at the top.  You may recognize a few of the vegetables from my Salad Fixings embroidery pattern:


Darlene said...

I just love the texture of those leaves!

memorial garden benches said...

The leaves are simply awesome! The different colors are really vibrant and pleasing to the eyes!

Sally said...

Your stitching and color on your leaves are amazing. Beautiful work!

Kim said...

Darlene - Me too! The Fishbone Stitch is one of my favorites - perfect for leaves.
memorial garden benches - Thank you!
Hi Sally :) Thank you!