Friday, November 6, 2015

A Work in Progress and Combining Motifs

First up I have a little bit of progress to show on one of my works in progress.  Do you remember this Santa and reindeer?  

I am filling in Santa's suit with Split Stitch and all the trim of his suit with French Knots - so many knots!  I am only using three strands of floss, I suppose it would fill up the space faster with all six strands but I like the small precise look that three strands give in this application.  

I also wanted to share an idea for combining motifs from a pattern set.  I started with this Ho! Ho! Ho! motif and I wanted to add some embellishment to the text:

So, I added this little snowflake motif from the same pattern set

I only used part of it, I situated the big snowflake to the left of the text:

Then taped it into place, put my fabric over the top and traced the design:

Next, I turned the snowflake motif around and used one of the smaller flakes on the right side of the text:

I ended up using two of the smaller flakes to balance the final design: 

Now it is ready to start stitching!

This is a really easy way to combine motifs and create your own design.


Darlene said...

Oh, I agree, six strands of floss would be too bulky. The knots are a perfect size with three strands. Rudolph's legs look interesting, I like the texture of them. I look forward to seeing this when it's done.

Thanks for the tips on putting motifs together. It makes the combinations of designs multiply quite a bit. And it helps to see it shown.

Kim said...

Thank you Darlene - I don't know about the reindeer legs yet....I am still experimenting :)