Friday, July 3, 2015

Fourth of July Stitching Part Four - Finish!

I have a finish to share - and just in time!  I started this project here: {part one} - if interested, you can read my progress posts: {two} and {three}.

This is a 17" x 17" table topper, great for a 4th of July picnic table or serving table.

Here is an aerial shot of the finished piece.  I love the way the blue running stitch framed this: 

Each of the four corners has a different motif:

Since my last post, I removed the yellow straight stitching from the firecracker spark and replaced it with silver metallic cord:

I also used the metallic cord for the flag pole:

Here is my color palette along with the floss numbers:


Lilasesazuis Gata said...

Seus bordados sempre perfeitos.

Um pano comemorativo muito bonito com as cores de sua Pátria.

beijinhos, Kim, tenha um bonito domingo,

Lígia e =^.^=

Kim said...

Ligia - Obrigado !!