Monday, July 13, 2015

Ladybug Embroidery Project Part One

I selected this little ladybug and flowers motif from my Ladybug Embroidery Pattern and I am getting ready to stitch it up. 

This is a sweet little motif with a lot of room for interesting stitches.  I am going to challenge myself to use as large a variety as possible!

 I have transferred the pattern to my fabric with a water soluble marker.  {You can read about my methods for transferring motifs to fabric here}

Now I am selecting my color palette.  I think I will go with red and black for the ladybug and maybe some yellow and cool blues for the flowers?

I will be sure to post my progress!


Darlene said...

Looking forward to seeing how this one stitches up and what stitches you will choose!

Anonymous said...

Hi - Love your designs. Can I ask what the color wheel is? Have you posted about it before?

Kim said...

:) Thank you Darlene! I have a feeling the Double Knot Stitch will be showing up!
Hi The Stitch Up - Thank you! Yes - I love this color wheel, I refer to it all the time when I am working on color combinations. I bought it several years ago at a book store. The company that makes this is
I have posted about this color wheel - here:
and here:

Jordan said...

This looks like a cute project! Can't wait to see more of this. Very cute and summery!

Kim said...

Jordan - Thanks!