Saturday, September 13, 2014

Ballerina Pillow Project - Part Seven

I have an update to my ballerina pillow project.  If you remember from my last post on this project, I was beginning to stitch the motif for the pillow back. 

I have completed all the stitching. I used the fishbone stitch for the leaves, the long and short stitch for the rose, and the stem stitch for the rose outline. 

For the swirly lines, I used the double knot stitch :

Then I added a line of back stitch to each edge of the double knot stitch.   I used green floss on the back stitch to add interest.   Here is a little better view of the green:

Once I finished the stitching, I compared it to the stitching on the piece that will be the pillow front.  They look great together except

I used this rainbow blending filament to add sparkle to the stitching on the ballet costumes.  It really added an extra dimension so I decided to add some of the filament to the back piece too.

Once that was done, my next step was to rinse out all the blue water soluble marker pen lines.

Give it a final pressing with the iron {on the underside!}

After all the wrinkles were ironed out, I snipped off any remaining thread tails:

My next steps will be to sew the back and front pieces together

  make a final decision on any trim I am going to add:

and finish the pillow!


Darlene said...

I love how you did the back of the pillow! Those stitches are gorgeous and so textural, (is that a word? you know what I mean, tho). Most pillows aren't as pretty or interesting on the back as they are on the front, but this one is beautiful no matter which side you look at! I am curious to see what trim you will always, I am glad it is you making the choices as I would have a hard time. You seem to know which is the perfect color and trim to go with a project.

in anticipation to see the final result! :-)

Kim said...

Darlene - Thank you! I do know what you mean and I love the textural look too :) I hope I can get the pillow shape just right, I am planning on using fiberfill to fill it rather than a pillow form...I'm looking forward to the final result too!

Unknown said...

Que lindo!!

Kim, querida, grata pelo PAP.

Você sempre explica tão bem.

Perfeição é a palavra para tudo!


Lígia e =^.^=