Friday, September 19, 2014

100 Stitches - Woven Bars Stitch

This interesting looking stitch is the Woven Bars Stitch.  It is the next stitch on my list of 100 Stitches.

The floss I used when learning this stitch is this beautiful multi-colored blue.  It is DMC Perle Cotton Color Variations #4230.   

This stitch is from the Drawn Thread Embroidery category which means a little preparation of the ground fabric is needed.  I cut and pulled the horizontal threads out from a small section.  That leaves the vertical threads to be worked for the stitch.   

I realized after I had carefully cut and pulled the threads that I was supposed to leave an even number of vertical threads...I ended up with nine - oops! 

The first step is to come up through the fabric on the bottom edge of the working area.  Working right to left I began weaving.  The picture in 100 stitches showed weaving four threads in two sets.  I started with the first set  - going under the first two threads {set one}:

and then over the next two threads {set two}:

Next, I pulled the thread all the way through and then worked my way back going left to right by first going under set two and then over set one: 

and pulling the thread all the way through:

Next I worked right to left again under set one and over set two:

I continued weaving like this all the up the vertical threads.  You can really see how it pulls them together and makes a nice tight weave:

I finished off by going back into the fabric at the upper right side of the working area and securing my floss on the underside.  That completed the first two sets, now for the next two:

I did the same steps, starting from the opposite side of the working area.  Weaving under - over:

Under - over.....

until I completed that side. 

I used one length of the color variations floss and I love how the color played out, one side white to light blue and the other side blue to dark blue:

This stitch looks really nice on the underside too!

This is stitch #82 and is from the Drawn Thread Embroidery category of 100 Stitches


Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

What you are doing looks like so much fun. I could use a refresher course on different stitches. I just ordered the book. I may not do them all but it will be fun to try. Thanks for the inspiration,

Kim said...

Jane - Learning these stitches has been really fun! I think you will enjoy this book :)