Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Space Stitching Update

I have a quick update to share on my rocket stitching project from the Space Pattern.

The rocket is done:

and I am just adding some stitching in yellow to accentuate the orange blastoff exhaust.  Now I need to fill in the count down numbers and the words.  I am having a hard time deciding which colors to use for these.  I tried the red on the number three and I tried the bright orange on the exclamation mark but I am not really sold on either one:

Hmmm....here is my color palette so far.  If you have any color ideas I would love to hear your suggestions!

After I finish this part, I am going to be adding a border:

I also wanted to share some spring garden pictures.  I have been trying to get pictures of all my spring favorites as they are coming into bloom around the yard and garden.  First up are these sweet miniature daffodils:

They look so pretty blooming next to these grape hyacinths - the hyacinth blooms are just starting to open, I love the white edging on each bloom.  They are spectacular when they are fully open. 

And some daffodils:

This is a lilac bloom just getting started.  It is my favorite lilac, it is a white blooming lilac called Madame Lemoine.  I only see a few blooms on it so far so it may not be very showy this year.

And finally some rhubarb!  This is the first year I will be able to harvest from these plants - they are finally mature enough - I cannot wait to make a pie!

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