Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Progress Report - Space Stitching

I have a bit of progress to report on the rocket ship I am stitching.  All of the stitching on the text and the blast off exhaust is done

I mostly used back stitch and split stitch.  For the antenna rings, I used some metallic blending filament.  I love the sparkle it gives.

I decided to go with all orange for the lettering.  I was trying out all sorts of different color combinations but I kept coming back to the solid orange.

I think it will work the best for the project I am making with this stitching.  Remember I was going to add this border?

 I am still trying to decide exactly how to work this into my project.  Once I figure that out and I choose the best colored fabric or combo of fabrics, I am going to make a pillow!

Here are the floss color numbers I used on this project:

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