Monday, April 8, 2013

Laura Wheeler Dog Pattern #520

You may remember when I posted about some vintage patterns I received from my grandma.  One of the uncut patterns was for a dog.  I had intended to scan the pattern and use the copy to construct the dog. {You can read about that here.}  After I had all the pattern pieces, I realized I didn't have what I considered suitable fabric so I set the project aside until I could find a fabric I liked.

Well, weeks turned into months, I'm sure you know how that goes!  Recently, I was looking through my fabrics and I found these two fabrics.  One is a small piece of medium/heavy weight white cotton and the other is a big length of blue cotton fabric.  The blue fabric is Essentials by Patty Reed Designs.  It is a nice medium weight fabric, blue background with a swirly hearts pattern in white.  I immediately thought of the dog pattern.  Wouldn't he look good in blue and white?!

I have decided which pieces I will be doing in blue fabric:

and have started cutting!  I will share more pictures as I work my way through this project.

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