Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Patisserie cake wip - finished

Remember my La Patisserie cake wip? I finished the next cake.

I am really pleased with the result:

For the cake plate, I used a combination of these two greens.  I used the whipped running stitch to give the cake plate a decorative edge.   

I used two different pinks on this project.  A light pink for the cake and a darker pink for the cake decorations:

You can really see the color difference here:

I used three strands of floss for the cake body, and six strands for the top of the cake:

I stitched all the decorations using six strands of the dark pink, then I switched back to only three strands to do the very top of the rose.

You can see here the smaller line of stitching that using just three strands gives:

All the stitching is done and I washed out the blue transfer lines:

Now I am going to start on another one! 

Here are the floss colors and numbers I used for this project:


Jeito Mineiro de Ser said...

Ei, Kim!
Ficou realmente "apetitoso" seu bolo!
Um abraço

Annette-California said...

Your cake looks so yummy I want some:)You did a beautiful job stitching. Congrats on finishing.
love Annette

lilipopo said...

so pretty and I love the whipped running stitch
lilipopo x

Cicideko said...

It looks so cute. I have bought patisserie cake pattern from you but still it is waiting. I should begin soon.😊

Kim said...

Eglea - Obrigado! Lol! Este bolo parece delicioso :)
Hi Annette - Thank you! I would love to make a real cake that looked like this :)
Kate - Thanks!
Cicideko - Thank you! Yes do it!This is a fun one to stitch :)


Tus trabajos son todos preciosos. Felicidades

Kim said...

DACHA ARTESANA - Hola :) Gracias!