Friday, September 16, 2011

Two gingerbread stitchings

I have two new stitchings I am working on. This group of yummy candy:
and this sweet gingerbread house:
Both of these are from the Gingerbread Embroidery Pattern Packet
On both of these, I am using some interesting stitches.  The candy canes are the long and short stitch and the swirly candy is the whipped running stitch.  I am using dmc pearl cotton floss size 5 for this:
On the gingerbread house, I am using the whipped running stitch in minty green and chocolate brown floss. I think it looks like chocolate chip mint frosting!
For the candy decoration on the side of the house I am using the checkered chain stitch in red and white - and I'm sure by now you recognize the whipped running stitch in pink and purple around the door:
On the foundation line of the house I am using the double knot stitch...sort of unevenly - looking at this picture, I'm thinking I may have to go back and restitch the left side as there are too many knots too close together!
Did you notice that I have partially stitched different areas all over this pattern?  I find that I like to jump around and try out different colors and stitches to see how they are working together.   I prefer to do that rather than complete one area and then move on to the next...I wonder if that is the case for most stitchers?
I will be back with more progress pictures later!


Unknown said...

So beautiful!!
Regards from Spain

donna!ee said...

gorgeous stitchery! my stitches have gotten more uniform & tight since i have your tutorials to practice with...thank you much kim! :)

Unknown said...

Looks amazing! Congrats! Can't wait to see the candies finished! xoxo

sew sew n sew said...

very nice embroidery! i'm thinking to do some embroidery to go with my patchwork little stuff~

Kim said...

Esmeralda- Thank you!
donna!ee - Thanks! I am so happy to hear about your stitching. I can't believe how much mine has improved from practice.
Simone - Thank you! I am almost finished with the candies :)
Thanks sew sew n sew - good idea - I love the look of embroidery and patchwork together.

Farah said...

Hi Kim.... your candy stitch is a lovely one and it looks so yummy too... Waiting for the finished project...
Visit me if you can

SaraCreations said...


Libby said...

So Cute Kim! Makes me ready to do some Christmas stitching!

Kim said...

Thank you Farah! I am almost finished :)
SaraCreations - Thank you!
Libby - Thanks! I know what you mean, I have to get stitching on some Christmas projects too!