Wednesday, February 10, 2010

wip from a new pattern packet

Here is a picture of my latest work-in-progress: Cupcakes!

When finished, this will be a three-tiered cake stand loaded up with delicious looking cupcakes!
I am using quite a few different color combinations and stitching combinations. The chain stitch in a lovely pale pink for the border of the cupcake paper:
The lazy daisy stitch and plenty of french knots in lavender and yellow:

And of course the running stitch in pink and red and my favorite back stitch outlining everything!

This cake stand pattern is just one of the "main patterns" I have in this new pack. I will be blogging the other main pattern soon - it features three cupcakes on doilies lined up in a row with the word cupcakes! below them. I have already sized it to fit into a picture frame and I can't wait to finish it!


Libby said...

I can't wait to see the rest!! I love cupcakes and I have the butt to prove it!

Anonymous said...

How lovely !!! I'm heading to your shop now ;-) !