Tuesday, February 2, 2010

valentine sachet

I just finished this little heart sachet. I am loving the all white floss on red I think it makes a really nice combination.
Here is what the sachet looks like. I already had this white silk ribbon trim and a bunch of pink and white daisy flower trim. I cut off two of the little flowers and glued them to the ends of the ribbon. This is a nice drawer sachet and I could also make it into a closet sachet by adding a nice hanger made from ribbon!
I think I will fill this with dried lavender - my mom dries all the lavender
from her garden every year and I love the scent - it lasts for such a long time!


Libby said...

Beautiful! Very sweet and pretty!

big B said...

Thanks Libby! I enjoyed stitching this and getting to do some more lazy daisy stitches :) I wanted to tell you how beautiful your pillowcases turned out - the trims you selected add such an elegant touch too.

Mahalakshmi said...

Who will not fall for this cute looking daisies.Beautiful.