Thursday, January 28, 2010

valentine trims

I am organizing some of my ribbons and trims...

I just love how these reds look together. The gorgeous red ribbon with the white stitching on it is my newest and maybe my favorite :) I think it might be because of the white running stitch it has down each side! The embroidery in the hoop in the background is a wip I am just finishing. I would like to make it into a small pillow or maybe a sachet?


Libby said...

What a pretty picture! I love the look of read and white, it looks so crisp and clean together!

Since you are my embroidery hero, I'm going to ask a begginers question. I have been practicing my backstitch with 6 strand floss and I am having problems pulling the needle through the fabric everytime I stitch. Now my thumb has a bruise! I love the look of your backstitch with the 6 strands, any advice?

big B said...

Hi Libby! I know EXACTLY what you mean about pulling the needle through the fabric with six strands of floss :( but I love the chunky look of six strands! I had been happily stitching with six strands until I did my acorn pattern (pictured on my flickr). That was the worst stitching experience - I practically had to use pliers to pull the floss through the fabric. I thought my poor wrist and fingers would never recover. I have come to the conclusion that it was my fabric. It was too heavy and too tightly woven. Now I always try to use a looser weave fabric when I want the chunky look of six strands of floss. You might want to try a thimble too - that can help push the needle through! This is really trial and error for me too - I am wondering about my needle choices as well and have been doing some online research!
Let me know what you think - could it be your fabric?
By the way - your latest blog pictures of your hearts - your stitching looks FABULOUS!

Libby said...

Thank You so much! I love the chunky look of the 6 strand too! I think it might be my fabric! Now that I think about it, my needle was leaving big holes in the fabric, perfectly round, I bet the weave is too tight! Thanks so much, I am going to try some stitching on a looser weave! I am really enjoying your patterns. I have always been told that you just have to keep practicing embroidery to get well at it, I would practice a couple of days and quit. Since I started your patterns, I can't wait to stitch one so that I can start the next one! So much Fun!

Anonymous said...

Oh I like it!!! I just gave my daughter in law some pink trim with the little balls for her clothespin dolls!

big B said...

Thanks ladies :) Libby - I am practicing too - it seems like learning "how" to do the stitch is just the beginning - it takes tons of practice until you feel comfortable with it! Miss Paula - Your daughter in law's etsy store is so nice! Those clothespin dolls are sweet - she is really talented!