Thursday, September 3, 2009

Acorn Embroidery Pattern Packet

I have finished a new embroidery pattern packet. This one is called "acorn" and features beautiful acorns and oak leaves. The packet has seven pages and includes tons of embellishment patterns and even two pages of border patterns.

I could hardly wait to start stitching up these patterns. My first project was a tea towel. I had some beautiful white cotton in my fabric stash but I wanted a fabric with a little more "fall" color so I dyed the white cotton in tea! To get the right color, I put the fabric in a bowl of water. I used about five tea bags and let the fabric sit in this overnight. Then I rinsed it, let it dry and transferred my pattern:
I started out with the colors you see in the above picture but didn't really like the look. I eventually took out the gold colored floss on the acorn tops and the sage green on the acorn bottoms. Instead, I used a combination of floss in green/sage green/mustard color for the acorn tops and two rows of two different browns for the acorn bottoms. I like the new look much better:
Then I hemmed the bottom with a running stitch and now have a fall-themed tea towel!

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