Friday, January 26, 2024

Transferring an Embroidery Pattern with Sulky Stick 'n Stitch

As the post title suggests, I am using Sulky brand Stick 'n Stitch to transfer this snowman embroidery pattern to fabric.  

I chose this snowman image from my Snow! embroidery pattern set.  I put a sheet of the Stick 'n Stitch paper into my ink-jet printer tray and printed the image.  Then I cut around the image: 

Peeled off the backing from the Stick 'n Stitch sheet:

And adhered it to the fabric:

I trimmed my fabric and then put it into an embroidery hoop:

So far, I am really impressed!  The whole process is simple and the stitching lines are clear and easy to see.

I have started stitching and am pleased that my needle has no problem passing through the Stick 'n Stitch.  I am using the medium weight sheets.

When all the stitching is complete - the Stick 'n Stitch sheet can be rinsed away, leaving just my embroidery with no stitching lines.  I will post again with that process!


Darla Mae said...

I'll be curious how well it works. The snowman is cute. Take care, Kim.

Kim said...

Hi Darlene - Thank you! Yes I am looking forward to rinsing this all out and seeing the result!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,
The snowman looks cute and huggable. It is lovely to see this kind of availability of material to ease the process of embroidering. I cannot think of something like this in the country I live in. It is the traditional method of pinprick and powder or direct drawing on fabric.:)
Just to see all this, I would love to visit your country:)

Kim said...

Hi Mallika - Thank you! There are so many different transfer methods lol . I have never tried the pinprick and powder method, it sounds like it would work really well. I have used colored waxed transfer paper for dark colored fabric. It is easy but the wax can smear so I have always preferred the water soluble pens.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kim,
I hope all is well at your front. Its been a long time since you posted.
I noticed a couple of irrelevant comments too. hope you are not experiencing hackers on your blog.

Kim said...

Hi Mallika! Thank you for your concern and nice comment :) I just posted a new post today and I went through the comment section and deleted all the spam! Blogger caught quite a few but some always slip in LOL!