Monday, November 9, 2020

Embroidered Pumpkin Project - Part Three

 I have an update on my pumpkin project.  {Part 1 / Part 2} I have finished the embroidering!

There are quite a few interesting stitches used, and I would like to share my stitch list as well as the floss colors and numbers.

The pumpkin body is stitched using columns of long Straight Stitches.  The center rib section is Jacobean Couching Stitch.  The pumpkin body, stem and tendrils are outlined with Back Stitch.  

The maple leaf is outlined with Back Stitch and filled with Straight Stitch.  The red and yellow small leaves  are Fishbone Stitch.  The red and the yellow oak leaves are Long and Short Stitch.  The veins of all the leaves are Back Stitch.  The Acorn body is Satin Stitch and the cap is Back Stitch and filled with French Knots.  The small accent flowers are Lazy Daisy Stitches with French Knot centers.

Here are the floss color numbers used for this project:

This pumpkin motif is available in my Thanksgiving Embroidery Pattern Set.  You can find that set - here.


Darla Mae said...

Kim, this is absolutely gorgeous! The colors and the textures are amazing. The different stitches make it interesting and so visual. I can think of a few ways I would use this. It's beautiful!

Kim said...

Thank you Darlene! I really enjoyed stitching this - especially the pumpkin.

Darla Mae said...

I think the pumpkin is very creative! It's a great look and very different from traditional looks, I think.

Kim said...

I think so too - it is a nice way to fill in a large open space. It doesn't dominate by color either.

Jack Daniel said...

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