Thursday, May 18, 2017

Flamingo Embroidery

 You may remember back to the post where I introduced my Florida embroidery pattern.  
In that post I shared the finished marlin motif and I was beginning work on the big flamingo motif. 

I outlined and then filled the flamingo in Back Stitch
I used Satin Stitch for his eye and Double Knot Stitch for his wings:

For his legs, I used Blanket Stitch and Back Stitch, then I filled his feet in with Back Stitch:

I love these two motifs, I think they look wonderful together:

Here are the floss color numbers I used:


Darla Mae said...

Hi Kim~

You are right, those two do look great together! The way the texture of the stitches make the appearance of movement is wonderful. Very well done!


Kim said...

Hi Darlene,
THank you! :)