Thursday, October 24, 2013

A New Little Cowboy!

I am stitching up a project for a sweet baby boy that has just been born.  We had a cowboy themed baby shower earlier this summer for his mom and it really inspired me to make a cowboy themed hand embroidery pattern set.  I am so glad I did because now I am embroidering a project for his nursery.   I started by putting together several of the motifs from the Cowboy pattern packet and transferred them onto this beautiful linen fabric:

I have done some of the stitching but now I am re-thinking the floss color I am using for the rope.  I had used the variegated floss you see on the left and I liked it until I was done.  Looking at it, I realized it wasn't going to be a good match with the other strong colors in this project...

such as the red I am using for the name.  So I switched to this brown and I am so much happier with it.  I am thinking I will use silver metallic thread for these horse shoes you can see above the name:

 they will match the spur I have already done on his boot:

The baby's nursery is all done in barn red, brown, blues and cream.  I hope these colors will be perfect!


Juliana said...

Parabéns pelo blog
vem me visitar beijos

Jeito Mineiro de Ser said...

Vai ficar bom sim! Já está ficando!
Um abraço!

It'll be good yes! It's getting!

Angela Lee said...

Oh Kim, that is super cute!! I like the brown rope better too. Are you doing a pillow or wall hanging? Can't wait to see the finished product. I know your friend will be thrilled.

Kim said...

Olá Juliana
Obrigado! Eu definitivamente visitar o seu blog!
Obrigado Eglea! Espero que este será bonito quando terminar!
Angela - Thanks! I am so glad you like the brown better too - I just need to take out all the other stitching lol! At this point, I am thinking wall hanging.

simone arrais said...

Oh, my Goodness! It's turning into an amazing piece! Of course the colours are perfect! Congrats, sweetie! Very well done!

Sue Vaughan said...


Kim said...

Thank you Simone! I love these colors and it is fun to stitch on this linen.
Hi Sue - Thank you!

Ajka said...

Beautiful work ....

Kim said...

Thank you Ajka!!