Thursday, June 20, 2013

Progress Report - La Cucina Stitching - part one

I have an update on my La Cucina stitching project.  You may remember I was satin stitching the lettering with perle cotton floss?

Well, I wasn't really thrilled with the uneven, patchy look of the "C" so when I started on the "u" I used a back stitch for the outline and to fill in the letter.  I am much happier with the even-edged chunky look.  I think the small "c" looks great too so that is the stitch I am going to use for all the lettering:

The satin stitching does look really good on the decorative border, especially in this dark yellow floss.  This is DMC #742:

I love yellow and especially yellow roses!  I wanted to share a picture of these beautiful roses.  These are some blooms from my garden, the yellow and pink/yellow are the Peace tea rose, the red bud is from the Chrysler Imperial tea rose.  They are both really easy to grow.  I see plenty of new buds so more pictures to follow!


Jules Woolford said...

I think that's a good move Kim, it's a very pretty effect now. I know your designs are Italian inspired, but they also remind me very much the gorgeous Provencal colours and style. I love yellow too and I think it's often underused. Gorgeous photo of your roses - I hope you get many more blooms through the summer!x

Jeito Mineiro de Ser said...

Gosto muito dos resultados que conseguimos com este ponto (corrente) contornando.Você vai mudar o grande C? Estou acompanhando e ansiosa para ver o resultado.
Estou trabalhando num dos seus projetos. Breve mostrarei.
Um abraço!

Cecilia said...

It's looking good! I really like the colors you're using and I agree that the satin stitch wasn't as pretty on the letters as it is on the decorations. What kind of stitch is that in the middle of the flowers?

Kim said...

Jules - Thank you and I know just what you mean about the Provencal look of this. I think it is that mustard yellow and blue combination. So pretty and classic!
Eglea - Obrigado! Sim, eu vou mudar a costura sobre o "C". Estou ansioso para terminar este. Vou mostrar imagens progresso!
Cecelia - Thanks! For the middle of the flowers, I am using a really fun to do stitch called the Trellis or Jacobean Couching Stitch. When I learned how to do this, I did a demonstration on the blog that you can see here:

Silvia LGD (Little Green Doll) said...

It's looking really nice with this change :)
Your roses are really wonderful!!

Jeito Mineiro de Ser said...

Ei, Kim!
Gosto muito desse preenchimento com ponto de contorno.
Um abraço!

simone arrais said...

Just beautifull, Kim! I can't say using words how amazing artist you are! Your projects are soft, clean, usable and beautiful! What a mix!!!! Congrats, sweetie!

Kim said...

Olá Eglea
Obrigado! Eu gosto do contorno também. Isso é fácil e rápido!
Tenha um ótimo dia!
Hi Simone :) Thank you for your sweet comment!!!

PhD by Publication by Brianna Fernandez said...

I likewise adore roses too! No matter the color or breed, roses are my favorite flowers. They just take my breath away and simply their beauty is stunning, don’t you think? Anyway, I think your project is awesomely perfect! I love it! Hope you’re having a safe and sound day!

Kim said...

Hi Brianna Fernandez - Thank you! Yes I love the beauty of roses too. Have a great day :)