Wednesday, June 12, 2013

100 Stitches - Star Eyelet Stitch

This is the Star Eyelet Stitch, the latest stitch I have learned from 100 Stitches.  Isn't it beautiful?  Notice the open center? 

I stitched this on medium weave linen fabric because the weave is loose enough that I can count the threads.  According to the instructions, this stitch is worked in a square over eight threads horizontally and eight threads vertically.  The floss I chose is this gorgeous color variations perle cotton.  This is DMC #4190:

The first step I did was to count eight threads each way and put a mark on each end.  The  point of this stitch {from the drawn fabric embroidery section} is to do eight straight stitches, with each stitch going through the same hole in the center of the square.  I made a mark in the center and since there are eight stitches, I put a mark half-way between each line.  I made these marks with my water soluble transfer pen.

I first came up through the fabric on the upper left corner.

Then I went back into the fabric at the center hole mark:

That is the first stitch.   

Then I came up through the fabric in the upper center mark

Then back into the fabric in the center hole mark.   Pull through and that makes the second stitch.

I just continued making straight stitches from each mark and then through the center hole.  I had to pull pretty firmly to start "drawing" the fabric to make the nice open center hole:

Here it is completed:

Then I washed out the pen marks:

The underside looks really neat and tidy:

This is an easy stitch to do and it is so beautiful! 

This is stitch #89 and is in the Drawn Fabric Embroidery category of 100 Stitches.


Lilasesazuis said...

Kim, querida,

Adorei a sugestão de marcar o tecidinho antes de bordar.

Ficou perfeito!!

Tenha um lindo dia,


Lígia e =^^=

Annette-California said...

Very beautiful stitch. love Annette

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

its beautiful and enhanced by the varigated thread.

donna!ee said...

so simple but so much impact for many projects...thank you much! blest be ;D

jagodaj said...

So simple and beautiful:)

Cecilia said...

I love the color of the thread, I will have to keep a look out for that! Great stitch to!

Kim said...

Olá Ligia, Obrigado! As marcas fazem a costura tão fácil!
Tenha um bom dia :)
Annette - Thank you! :)
Thanks Carol - this thread is so pretty and really easy to stitch with too.
Hi donna!ee - Thanks!
jagodaj - Thank you :)
Cecilia - Thank you! I love this color too - Now I wish I had done a whole row of these stitches!

Mom Wald said...

Very simple and very pretty!

Kim said...

Thanks Mary - I love the simplicity of this one :)