Monday, May 6, 2013

100 Stitches - Interlaced Hemstitch

I have learned another stitch from 100 Stitches. This is the Interlaced Hemstitch. This stitch is from the Drawn Thread category.  The drawn thread method involves removing a certain number of horizontal threads, leaving a gap in the fabric with just vertical threads.  The stitch is then worked on the vertical threads.

To start the stitch, I measured a space about 1-1/2" long by 1/2" wide. 

I used a water soluble marking pen to mark each edge and the center point:

Next I set up to start withdrawing the threads.   Unlike the last drawn thread stitch I learned    {you might remember my post about the hemstitch - since 100 Stitches didn't have instructions I did not understand what to do about the unfinished edges on each side of the gap in the fabric}   this time I decided to try the reweaving method.  In this method you just make one slit in the center and reweave the cut threads back into the fabric over the raw edges.  First, I cut a slit through the horizontal threads right at the center.

Using my needle, I un-wove the horizontal threads all the way back to each end mark.

The threads were not long enough to go through my needle eye and still be able to turn the needle so I used a crochet hook with a tiny head to grab and pull the threads through the fabric.  Effective but difficult and very time consuming! 

After all the horizontal threads were re-woven, I did the hemstitch on the two vertical edges.  You can see how to do the hemstitch here:

Done with the hemstitch:

Now to start the interlacing.  For my demonstration, I used this beautiful blue perle cotton thread.  This is dmc #3325.

The first step is to come up through the fabric at the right edge of the gap, right at about the center point of the edge:

Pull the thread all the way through to the left.  You are going to be working with the first two groups of vertical threads on the right hand side:

Now bring the needle back so it is pointing to the right edge and  slide it under the second group of threads and over the first group of threads:

Pull through and turn the needle to point to the left.  Slip the needle under both the first and second groups of threads. 

Pull all the way through and groups one and two will twist into this interesting interlaced shape:

Now do the exact same steps for groups three and four:

and just keep stitching:

until you reach the left edge of the gap:

I did the whole thing over in white because I love the white on white look of this but it is really hard to photograph as a demonstration!

Here is a view of the underside of the stitching:

This stitch is really beautiful! I am still not satisfied with my edge treatment.  I am going to try satin stitching the two edges for the next stitch in this category.  I also realized I needed to account for an even number of vertical thread groups so that I could do two at a time.  As I did this demo, I ended up with one single thread group that I couldn't interlace.  Next time, I will be more careful! I am really happy with this fabric, since I was going to try the reweaving method, I wanted a fabric with an easy to see weave.  This is 14 count fabric. 

This stitch is #76 on the 100 Stitches list and is in the Drawn Thread Category.

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