Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Easter Egg - Part 3

I am all finished stitching the Easter egg

I filled in the flower centers with french knots and then added some decorative french knots in the minty green floss:

My next Easter stitching is this bigger motif.  I always trace the pattern onto my fabric and I keep another copy of the pattern to look at while I trace.  I got everything all set up, started tracing and realized I was having such a hard time seeing the faint lines my transfer pen was leaving :(   You can hardly even see them in this picture:

I guess the "ink" in this poor pen has been all used up - I switched to a new pen and this looks sooo much better!

So easy to see!  I can't wait to get started on this one.  Any color suggestions?  I appreciate any ideas!

Speaking of color, for the Easter egg, here is a list of the floss colors I used:


Unknown said...

Oh, my good Lord! You are a great needdle artista, aren't you??? How can I imagine That Easter could be so beautiful??? Congrats, sweetie! Very, very well done!

l'alternativa said...

E' un ricamo delizioso!!!!!!!!!!

Sparklyjools said...

Lovely! Your designs always look so clean and fresh.

Kim, I am fascinated about how you create your original design do you use something like Coreldraw? And do you use a light box for tracing? I am thinking about buying one after years of using the cheaper methods?

Kim said...

Hi Simone! :) Thank you!!!
Emi - Grazie! Ho apprezzato cuciture questo :)
Jules - Thank you! Yes I do use CorelDraw! I love it, it is a fantastic program. I have occasionally used a light box -it works well - but the light box I have is so tiny it is frustrating to use.

Angela Lee said...

Kim, that is so sweet! The little flowers are just the right touch!

Bobbypin Bandit said...

The egg looks eggscelent! Haha! Sorry, I couldn't resist a little pun. Seriously, though, your finished egg looks very beautiful!

I get so bummed when my pen runs out of ink. I just stopped using it an starting using pencil... eek! I should go buy more transfer pens.

The Easter piece looks like it's going to look super cute stitched. I always think Easter things look good in pastels. I know that isn't groundbreaking... but I honestly think if you used a similar color palette as the egg, it would look just as good!

Kim said...

Angela - Thank you!
Kristen - Lol! Thank you :) I think anything Easter looks good in pastels too so I think I will use the same basic palette as this egg.

Silvia LGD (Little Green Doll) said...

I love this Easter Egg!! :)) Have a nice week!

Sa said...

I always knew that i would look amazing once completed. :)